Cold Laser Therapy
Cold laser therapy (aka Light Therapy) uses healing light wavelengths to decrease pain and improve the healing process in a treated area.  It is helpful at relieving pain caused by inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis, tendinopathy, osteoarthritis and other chronic joint disorders.  It also is shown to stimulate mitochondria within cells (the power generators) to improve cellular rejuvenation that is necessary for healing after an injury/surgery.

Ultrasound Therapy
Ultrasound therapy uses sound wave frequencies to help in tissue healing and to reduce chronic pain in some patients.  It has thermal effects and non-thermal effects. Thermal effects are due to the absorption of sound waves. Non-thermal effects are from vibrations of the tissue causing microscopic air bubbles to form that stimulates cell membranes. This physical stimulation can enhance the cell-repair effects of the inflammatory response.   Ultrasound is often used for muscle as well as joint pain.